Jan 26, 2018

IPv6 Options | Nmap Network Scanning IPv6 Options-6, --ipv6 (Use IPv6) Tells Nping to use IP version 6 instead of the default IPv4. It is generally a good idea to specify this option as early as possible in the command line so Nping can parse it soon and know in advance that the rest of the parameters refer to IPv6… IPv4 Options | Nmap Network Scanning -S , --source-ip (Source IP Address) Sets the source IP address. This option lets you … IPPROTO_IPV6 socket options - Win32 apps | Microsoft® Docs

IPv6 Datagram Options (Page 1 of 2) In IPv4, all “extra” information required for various purposes is placed into the datagram in the form of options that appear in the IPv4 header.In IPv6, the new concept of extension headers is introduced; these headers take the place of many of the predefined IPv4 options. However, the concept of options is still maintained in IPv6, for a slightly

Defines DHCPv6 options 21 (OPTION_SIP_SERVER_D) and 22 (OPTION_SIP_SERVER_A). IPv6 Prefix Options for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) version 6. Category: Standards Track. Defines DHCPv6 options 25 (OPTION_IA_PD) and 26 (OPTION_IAPREFIX). DNS Configuration options for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6). IPv6 transition options - study-ccna.com

Guidance for configuring IPv6 in Windows for advanced users

Jul 01, 2020 · (1) Please use the information from your ISP to fill in “IPv6 Prefix”, “Prefix Length” and “IPv6 Gateway” under the “IPv6 LAN Setting” section. (2) Please use the information from your ISP to fill in “IPv6 DNS Server” under the “IPv6 DNS Setting” . (3) Click the “Apply” button and wait for the settings to finish IPv6 options are placed in separate extension headers that are located between the IPv6 header and the transport-layer header in a packet. Most IPv6 extension headers are not examined or processed by any router along a packet's delivery path until the packet arrives at its final destination. Ipv4 and IPv6 co exist. Devices will use either. I don't know what the exact settings are called for the ASUS but effectively you want Native IPv6 DHCP /56 prefix delegated on the WAN side and auto configuration (either RADVD or SLAAC) on the LAN side. As far as I'm aware, BT have enabled IPv6 universally, so will be available to you. Dec 13, 2018 · Step 3. Check the IPv6 Auto Configuration Administrative Mode check box to enable IPv6 automatic address configuration on the device. This is enabled by default. Step 4. Enter the IPv6 address of the access point in the Static IPv6 Address field. This is a unique IPv6 address, and no other device in the network should use it. Configuring Custom IPv6 DHCP Options. You can define custom options in the DHCP option space or in an option space that you configured, as follows: From the Data Management tab, select the DHCP tab -> Option Spaces tab. Select either the DHCPv6 option space or an IPv6 option space that you configured, and then click the Edit icon. If DHCPv6 was selected on WAN then prefix delegation will be used for "IPv6 Interface Type". Make sure the correct WAN interface and IPv6 router advertisement are applied. If static was chosen on WAN, the options for IPv6 gateway/subnet must be filled in along with applying the correct DHCPv6 range if desired.