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Three big things have happened since the first round of the Crypto Wars. First, of course, was 9/11. The second was the Snowden revelations, which exposed how the government had stepped up its Backdoors, Government Hacking and the Next Crypto Wars The first crypto wars Louis Freeh, Director of the FBI from September 1993 to June 2001. So, the first crypto wars – those of you who are a little bit older may remember there was a time when you couldn’t export strong cryptography from the United States. In the mid-90s, then FBI Director Louis Freeh went before Congress on numerous Crypto Policy Project | Center for Internet and Society Together, these efforts and others comprise the third round in the crypto wars. CIS’s Crypto Policy Project, which receives funding from the Stanford Cyber Initiative, investigates and analyzes the policy and practices of the U.S. and foreign governments for forcing decryption and/or influencing crypto-related design of online platforms and

Jul 20, 2019

No middle ground: Moving on from the crypto wars Germany’s crypto policy, which dates back to 1999, stipulates its security goal by stating that while “there will be no ban or limitation on crypto products, […] law enforcement and security agencies shall not be weakened by the widespread use of encryption.” To maintain this goal in the age of end-to-end encryption, in mid-June 2017 ‘Crypto wars’ return to Congress | TheHill

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FBI vs. Apple Establishes a New Phase of the Crypto Wars Feb 26, 2016 Gamaredon Group seeks speed not elegance. Bogus contact Crypto Wars. Doxing police. Announcements. Announcing Career Notes, a new podcast from the CyberWire. Join us as we step inside the diverse and fascinating worlds of cybersecurity professionals around the globe and hear their personal stories in their own words.