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Can I customize the Advanced filtering to only allow specific IP's to access the port forwards ? 11. Does FIOS residential service support a home FTP server on Port 21 using Dynamic DNS? 12. FIOS TV VoD does NOT work with Actiontec set to Max Security. Clearly, there must be PORT numbers I can permit to allow use of MAX security. What are they? 13. How to Program a Fortinet Firewall to Work with Verizon FIOS IP Address; Subnet mask; Gateway; DNS Servers; Plug the ethernet wire directly from the ONT (white box around back or sometimes in garage) into the WAN1 port of your Fortinet firewall; Login to the firewall, by default at and go to ‘Interfaces’. Edit the WAN1 details to match the notes you took down from the Verizon router Is it possible to set up a static IP address with Verizon Feb 06, 2009 Best free and public DNS servers in 2020 | TechRadar Jun 18, 2020

Click on Broadband Connection (Ethernet/Coax). In the new page, scroll down and you will see Setting, click it. In the new page, scroll down and you will see something labeled IPv4 and a dropdown that says Obtain IPv4 DNS Address Automatically. You want to change this, so click the dropdown and change it to Use the Following IPv4 DNS Addresses.

Page 155 DnS SEttingS 8.4b/ DNS SERVER You can edit the host name and/or IP address, if the host was manually added to the DNS table. If not, you can only modify the host name. To access the DNS server: Select DNS Server in the DNS section. To view and add computers stored in the DNS table, click Add DNS Entry. Page 156: Monitoring

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Dec 25, 2018 What are the correct IP & DNS settings for a domain Verizon FIOS provided the wireless router. The HP ProLiant server is connected to the router via cat 5e. The stand-alone workstations are connected to the internet via the router. Verizon told me my router's IP is I *had* the server set to but Verizon FIOS tech told me to … r/Fios - No Connection To Certain Sites - ERR_NAME_NOT This occurs on all DNS providers I've tried, Google, CloudFlare, and Verizon's internal servers. The errors are NOT present on cellular networks or when connected out to VPN servers. This points the finger firmly at the Verizon network's handling of (and corruption of) DNS reply packets.