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Another way to erase all the data on a Hard Drive is by re-installing the Windows operating system and informing the PC to delete the current partition and install on a fresh one. Use US Department of Defense approved WipeDrive to erase your hard drive. Erase your hard drive at the DoD 5220.22-M standard featuring multiple overwrites of random characters. Use the same software as Major Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and users all over the world to erase your hard drive of all data. Question: Q: How do I erase the hard drive on my 2007 Macbook with operating system 10.4.11 ? I am going to recycle my old Macbook and want to erase the hard drive. When I go into utilities-disk utility-click on Macintosh HD-and the Erase tab, the only active button is Erase Free Space. Please note that this article describes our investigation about using magnets to completely erase data on a hard drive. It completely ignores the question of whether a strong magnet can DAMAGE a hard drive. These strong magnets certainly can damage a hard drive if brought close enough. Keep neodymium magnets away from good hard drives! Mar 30, 2009 · The right way to destroy an old hard drive. Don't put it in the microwave, don't roast it on a spit, don't soak it in acid, and don't put it next to an industrial-strength magnet; the key is to

May 28, 2020 · This tutorial shows you how to wipe a hard drive in Windows XP without CD before selling or replacing it in two ways. One is using the EaseUS wiping tool to easily erase the partitions or disks in case you want to keep the system, the other is wiping hard drive and OS together in the WinPE environment with a bootable disk.

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